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What is an Enduring Gift?

An enduring or planned gift most often takes the form of a gift of cash or securities either made now or left to Port Nelson in your will. Gifts of insurance policies, real estate, RRSPs and RRIFs are also potential avenues for making a gift. These funds will be invested and managed by the Trustees whereby, unless directed otherwise, only the income from the interest will be spent, never the capital. Your gift will make a difference for generations to come.

An excellent alternative to a specific dollar bequest is to leave a percentage of your estate to the church. This would not materially affect your plans to leave the bulk of your estate to your family.

How will funds from Enduring Gifts be Managed?

The Trustees will employ a “Moderate Risk Approach”. Best efforts will be made to conserve the capital within the various Pillars.

o Capital Gains will be retained within the Pillars.

o Income from the funds in the various pillars will be distributed annually

You can donate to one of four donation pillars

Rekindle Pillar

Funds in this pillar are used to rejuvenate and refresh the Port Nelson facility that is well used by dozens of community and outreach groups. This may include upgrades to the structure, retiring any construction loans, technology improvements, or for purchasing audio-visual equipment.


Music Pillar

Choir singing

Port Nelson is blessed with a vibrant music program that involves many people in the church and the community. Your gift to this pillar will be used to enhance this ministry even further. Examples include providing scholarships for young musicians, upgrades to our beautiful pipe organ, or hosting special concerts or programming.


Outreach Pillar

Port Nelson is known for reaching out to our church family, community and our world. Gifts to the Outreach Pillar are used to help people care and look after those in need. Growing children and youth programs as well as local and global food access initiatives are two strengths that could be expanded even further with the gifts made to this pillar.


Urgent Needs Pillar

Meals of Hope

Rather than choosing one of the more specific pillars, you may choose to designate your Enduring Gift for the church’s Urgent Needs pillar. This pillar provides the Church Board with the flexibility to use these funds for whatever urgent need may arise. The requests could come from any of the of the Enduring Gifts pillars for crisis situations, unplanned significant expenses within the church or to launch new initiatives to grow Port Nelson’s ministry.

Regardless of the pillar(s) you choose, your gift will be cared for in the best way possible so that it blesses the lives of people.

The Port Nelson Trustees will manage the investment of the funds based on the Enduring Gifts policies. The Church Board will make careful and prayerful decisions about how to use Enduring Gifts funds for the work of ministry.

For further information contact:

Tod Wright

Marty Wamsley