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On A Journey Campaign


As the journey takes us into this new year, we search with the Wise Ones.  The Wise Ones follow a star on their pathway to present their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the one born of love.  Each of us and collectively as a church continue our personal journey, intertwined into this unique fabric of love.

Happily, through God’s grace, this beautiful church building is doing just what we had hoped for in the planned renovation in 2019. Our journey continues to be succeeding and challenging at the same time.  By our conscious choice, more activity requires more investment.

The Port Nelson 2024 operating budget is in need of an additional $63,000, an increase of 10%, to reach a balanced position.  It has been four years since we asked for an increase in the budget for general operations.  An increase in your weekly contribution, at whatever level is comfortable for you, will make the world of difference.

Thank you for your past support and ongoing support of our church home, and for your serious consideration of your giving in 2024.  Our Church’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 28 at which time our 2024 budget will be approved.  It would be wonderful if we could celebrate achieving our target of a $63,000 increase in givings at that meeting.  In order to achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated if you could print, complete and return your pledge card linked below, or fill out the online pledge form below by Friday, February 16, 2024. 

Stewardship Campaign: On A Journey

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