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Welcome to the Gardens of Port Nelson.

The plants at Port Nelson have been thriving (most of them) since they were planted in 2018 (the landscaping of the new addition), 2019 (the redesign and planting of the corner perennial bed), 2021 (the installation of the Community Garden with Peace Pole and pollinator species) and 2023, the addition of the  landscape plantings in west of property.

This project was supported in part by funding from the City of Burlington under their “Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund”. It was also supported by non-church residents through letters of support used for the grant application and through labour, and church volunteers made it possible during several work parties.

Some answers to a few questions you might have: what happened to the boxwoods which lined the walkway to South Drive doors of church? A relatively new invasive species (2018) called the box tree moth has made its way to the Burlington area and Roseland in particular. The boxwoods along the path were infected to the extreme, some decimated. So, they have been removed and heartier evergreens will be planted in the fall. There are still some box woods in the corner garden and in the Community Garden which were not as badly infected and they have been sprayed with a biological treatment, BT.  We hope they might survive and we will re-evaluate in the spring.

What is happening on the west lawn? A proposal was put together with some community members to install some landscape plants, a path and some pollinator plants. This proposal was submitted and accepted by The Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund run by the city. So, half of the costs for this project have been supplied by the city. The same process was used for the installation of the Community Garden on South Drive. In September we will have a further day or two of work in which we will create two matching garden beds on the west lawn.  These will be filled with plant species which will attract and nourish pollinators. All these additions are visible signs of some of the work we are doing as a whole church toward our certification of Greening Sacred Spaces. To learn more about this certification, here is a link: Greening Sacred Spaces Certification – Faith and the Common Good (

How are the gardens maintained? This past spring and summer a group of volunteers have been working on the beds, mulching, dead heading, weeding, splitting perennials, pruning hedges and more. We are very grateful to this group of volunteers. The lawns are cut and edged by a lawn service and the sprinklers are maintained by a service as well. The fertilizing of the lawns and gardens is done by a volunteer.

Would you like to become involved? Two ways to help with the gardening work: first there is a work morning planned for September 23, 10-12:30. We will be making two new garden beds on the west lawn. Secondly, a garden committee is being formed. We will meet 2 or 3 times a year, spring and fall. The main purpose is for the group to provide feedback and ideas on the gardens, what is needed, what to change, what to keep, provide some vision. If you have an interest in either of these ways to help, please contact June Wright of 905-483-5863.

We are blessed at Port Nelson to have this beautiful green environment.